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Organizing the perfect wedding begins with the initial idea: The Opera Wedding doesn't leave out a single detail, and makes available all of its experience in event planning, relieving you of any doubts and concerns, right from the moment of welcoming your guests, with different solutions according to style and budget, through to valuable advice about the documentation required by the bride and groom and the witnesses.

What's more, top image consultants are at your complete disposal to help with everything from the choice

of the wedding dress to choosing your hairstyle and make-up, to advice on jewelry and wedding rings, in order for the ceremony to go off perfectly and for nothing to be left to chance, always in the name of quality and elegance.

Let yourself also be guided by The Opera Wedding's professionals to draw up a wedding list that completely fulfills your wishes, and to organize the usual stag and hen parties, happy social occasions that have now become a part of wedding tradition.