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Guided by an organizational approach that makes being Italian an undeniable bonus, the professionals at The Opera Wedding know how to transform the most beautiful villages in Italy and their castles, the evocative landscapes around the most famous Italian lakes, the most prestigious localities in our mountains and on our coasts into the most exclusive, elegant wedding venues, the perfect settings for a wedding of timeless charm.

Whether it's in the winter snow or the lush spring greenery, in bright summer sunshine or amidst the

glowing autumn colors, there are a myriad of small towns and secret corners in our country that are ready to welcome you on the occasion of your marriage. There are little wonderful treasures in terms of landscape and art to be discovered or simply revisited, places where the best food and good wine are part of ancient local traditions. In these wedding destinations in Italy typical Italian hospitality, perfected by Opera Wedding's flawless organization, grants you moments of real human warmth and intense emotion.