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Beauty, good taste, quality of life: the Made in Italy concept, recognized and appreciated throughout the world, neatly sums up the philosophy behind all the choices we make. Like in an opera by Verdi or Puccini, the alchemy between music, costumes and scenery flows in a whirlwind of emotions, which are contained, however, within a given musical staff, and skillfully written.

The Opera Wedding considers "Italian-ness" to be of prime and fundamental value, an approach that makes sincere passion and attention to detail the necessary ingredients to make your Made in Italy wedding truly unique. Like in the party atmosphere of Fellini's Via Veneto, in our Italian weddings all of the characters move around under the expert direction of the film maker, who knows where to be more daring and where to leave space for the actors' imaginations and improvisational skills.

The Opera Wedding wants to take those who come to them to discover style that isn't in the

mainstream, by visiting real designer shops that are surviving the advance of big department stores, where since time immemorial fabrics and leathers have been used to create designs by those gifted people who have exported the Made in Italy brand all over the world, and sewn together by the expert hands of the craftsmen who have worked there for generations. In addition to the well-known stereotypes of what it is to be Italian, the Beautiful Country is made up of people with a great heritage behind them, which they consciously use in their everyday life and work, like us at The Opera Wedding.

The unrivaled beauty of the Italian landscape, a combination of the power of the natural world and unequaled historic and artistic treasures, ultimately forms the perfect framework for moments of intense emotion.