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To make the marriage an intense, thrilling experience, a celebration that involves and stimulates all the senses, a truly unforgettable event that is perfect in its style down to the last detail, classical and elegant or surprising and original, but always with the sophistication and good taste that have made the concept of "Made in Italy" famous all over the world.

This is the intention of the team of professionals Opera Wedding heads up, capable of imagining and transforming into reality the wishes of the clients who rely on them, guaranteeing their expertise in wedding planning and putting their unequaled creativity and experience at their service.

The essential ingredients are the stunning backdrop provided by the wonders of the Italian landscape

with its architectural and historical treasures, an unmatched culinary tradition and equally extraordinary wine culture, the taste and style of Italian haute couture, together with the skillful use of valuable materials and equipment worthy of the highest craftsmen and most sought-after design.

The Opera Wedding redefines the role of the traditional wedding coordinator, taking it far beyond its simplest professional boundaries: what moves us is passion, a love for beauty in all its countless manifestations, the desire to lead you by the hand through the planning and staging of the most important event in your life.