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On the day of the wedding the presence of the wedding planner is indispensable to make sure the bride and groom remain serene, free to rely on those who are best equipped to coordinate everything that has to come together to create a unique day, from close supervision of the suppliers to a wide-ranging service completely dedicated to the entertainment of the guests, with guided visits and tours in the places chosen for the event, with local experts, sommeliers and connoisseurs.

Regarding the preparation for the wedding, there is the "Wedding etiquette" service to clarify any doubts you may have about the ceremony, and valuable legal and property advice provided by top experts in civil and family law.

Not forgetting the image consultancy service offered to all those taking part in the event, from the bridesmaids to the witnesses, and even the parents and friends. Not only that, The Opera Wedding also provides professional and accurate advice on the subject of the documents required for the celebration of gay weddings, which can vary from one country to another, and offers a series of exclusive services connected to the organization and holding of receptions and gay weddings abroad.

Finally, as the crowning feature of an unforgettable wedding celebration, The Opera Wedding undertakes to organize an equally memorable honeymoon, made to measure to match your desires, using the most reliable tour operators in the world, with nothing, from transport to accommodation, being left to chance.