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The sought-after flavors and scents that arise when there's a happy union between food and wine, the festive harmony of colors in glimpsed views of natural and architectural beauty in the locations and places chosen as an ideal setting for each event, and even the sounds of the natural world, from the call of the wind to that of musical instruments, and the precious materials that form the refined, superbly made handcrafted products: all of this can help to shape unique sensory paths, designed by The Opera Wedding to transform the wedding into a thrilling event, a total experience capable of involving all five senses.

The intention is to create "emotional synergies", which inflame the senses, whether one in particular predominates in the choice or all five together, stimulated by a fine selection of images, sounds,

flavors, aromas, tactile sensations, perceived by those present as the event unfolds, thanks to the special quality of the factors that make it up: the place selected, the magic of the atmosphere, the exclusive service, the special alchemy between Food & Wine, everything that makes "Italian-ness" so unique and inimitable.

From the actual materials of the sets to the colors chosen in line with the style of the event, from candles, hot and flickering, to artificial lighting that can be altered to different shades and that helps to create a given atmosphere, from the church bells to the violins in the orchestra, right up to the weaving together of the emotion-charged voices of the guests and the bride and groom at the exchanging of the rings: a wedding is a precious moment, unique in life: why miss even a single detail?