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The definition of the theme of a wedding is the first step to take, and on it depends the realization of what makes a celebration unique and a one-off, in accord with the personalities and wishes of the bride and groom.

From the choice of the most suitable location for the ceremony and reception to the floral decorations, designed and created by the best flower designers, through to the impeccable, personalized service from the internationally renowned chefs and expert sommeliers, as well as master pastry chefs and top cake designers, The Opera Wedding offers its own advice and experience in wedding planning so that nothing

is left to chance.

The same applies to the announcements and invitations, to match the theme of the event, and to the wedding favors, elegant gifts that bring an age-old tradition up to date. Finally we mustn't fail to mention the services of photographers and video makers, true professionals in the sector, to immortalize the happiest moments of joy you share, perhaps further enriched by good music and interludes of entertainment, and a reliable, punctual logistics service that takes care of all the transfers, movement and transport connected to the wedding.